May 2013

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Fire and The Home

A person's home is a very private piece of his or her existence. People have been known to struggle for their entire lives just to accumulate sufficient material riches and built comfortable shelters for themselves. We can experience a tremendous sense of loss if our homes have been razed to the ground by a fire. Fires know no bounds. We hear so much of this happening in the news. Small children and aged persons getting trapped inside while. Fire is a boon to mankind. But it needs to be controlled well in order to use it. People who makes use of fire, (that includes all of us), must know the nature of a fire, and how a fire can start. It is a fundamental rule to understand what we are dealing with. In order for us to use fire properly,…
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Form 17 NOT Part of Purchase and Sale Agreement

In this video Northwest Attorney, Annie Fitzsimmons, who specializes in Washington State Real Estate Law, explains why the Form 17 - Seller Disclosure Statement although a required addendum within a real estate transaction is not part of the Purchase & Sale Agreement.



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