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$625,000 - 2278 S. Elger Park Road, Camano Island 98282

{Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy} Take in all of nature's beauty at this beautiful Elger Bay home.  Whether it's watching a pod of killer whales in the sound or a bald eagle soar overhead, you can't help but fall in love with the abundance of the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  This spacious home offers a welcoming open concept floor plan with generously-sized living room with a cozy fireplace and vaulted ceilings, a chef's kitchen with all of the appliances including, a large dining area with a NEW light fixture and a family room / sun room area with views around every corner!  With 2 Bedrooms and 3/4 Bath there is plenty of room for your guests to join you and this home could easily

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Real Estate NEWS

  • U.S. home prices post 6.2% annual gain in January
  • Seattle and other Washington housing values continue boom
  • California housing problems are spilling across its borders


  • 5 first time homebuyer mistakes to avoid
  • Mortgage affordability calculator
  • Just 6 percent of homebuyers would cancel plans to buy if mortgage rates surpassed 5 percent, according to survey

HOME trends

  • What is the perfect color worth?
  • 8 projects to bring your 1950s home into the modern age
  • Top kitchen cabinet trends

LOCAL news

  • New Census numbers show just how crowded we’re getting here
  • It costs $43,000 to sell your home in Seattle, study says
  • The Emerald City’s hot housing market is
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QUESTION:  I’m selling my house. What do I need to disclose to potential buyers?

The time has come to sell your home. You’re working with your real estate agent, getting your house cleaned up and ready to sell, and looking for your next home. But, as the offers start rolling in, what types of information about your home are you required to disclose to potential buyers?

 Not so long ago, the world of residential real estate was “buyer beware.” But, in more recent years, sellers are being held legally responsible when they don’t disclose a major flaw that they have material knowledge of, and the buyer later discovers the flaw and wants restitution. In fact, 75% of real estate agents who took the National Association of Realtors’ Legal Scan survey

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Real Estate NEWS

  • Home flipping reaches 11-year highin 2017
  • NAR expects home prices to increase nearly 4 percent in the next 12 months, 5-7 percent in Washington State 


  • Residents of high-tax states wonder if they hould stay put or plan to move
  • Seattle’s affordability crisis is costing renters $6K per year


  • Seattle 2018 Cost vs. Value report
  • 5 Renovations that have the best return value
  • 34 important things to do when planning to sell your home

Local News

  • 14 Seattle neighborhoods, from most affordable to $1 million+
  • Road project divides northeast Seattle neighborhood
  • Split on whether or not Amazon is good for Seattle
  • Did you even know Seattle has a major
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Living in the rainy and very wet Northwest can have a big impact on your home if your roof and gutter system is not in good condition.  Something as simple as bent flashing can result in water intrusion, so performing a regular check-up on your roof and gutters can help save a lot of heartache later, not to mention save you money. 

I could spend days talking about roofs and the various products available on the market today, but I am no expert -- so I will just cut to what I know and what I've learned from years as a real estate professional who has attended hundreds and hundreds of home inspections. 

Roof Replacements:  Most composite roofing material that is on homes today outside of a newer roof that has been put on in the past 5-10 years,

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If you have been considering renovating your Pacific Northwest home here in the Seattle area and wanting to capture the BEST financial return, look no further, because we've got the inside scoop from Remodeling Magazine which just published their annual cost-to-value breakdown for specific regions throughout the US.

I think the common misconception and I will admit, this was my belief as well, is that your highest return would come from a kitchen remodel....but to my surprise, kitchens came in at #4.   

Check out the Top 5 Seattle Renovations:

{#1} Adding Manufactured Stone Veneer | +144.6% Return -- Note: The average cost for this improvement is $8,412

{#2} Replace Garage Door | +141.2% Return -- Note: This improvement is #1 Nationwide

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Insultation Installation

Before adding insulation to the basement walls or the crawl space foundation, and prior to refinishing a basement room, it is essential that you repair any leaks and solve any problems with dampness. Wait until it is thoroughly dry before you install the insulation, to be sure all problems have been eliminated. If you are unsure whether or not you have such a problem, tape a square-foot piece of plastic to the basement wall or floor. Leave it in place for a week. If condensation builds up under the plastic, you have a problem that needs to be solved.

Preparing The Basement

The causes of such condensation can be extensive. Some of the most common are leaks and cracks in the concrete, and seepage, condensation, or…
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Form 17 NOT Part of Purchase and Sale Agreement

In this video Northwest Attorney, Annie Fitzsimmons, who specializes in Washington State Real Estate Law, explains why the Form 17 - Seller Disclosure Statement although a required addendum within a real estate transaction is not part of the Purchase & Sale Agreement.



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NEW YORK (Money Magazine) -- When it comes to assessing a home's value, real estate agents and homeowners tend to be an optimistic bunch. In the post-bust world, appraisers are a different story. They have to predict a realistic value for your home that the bank can use to extend credit to a borrower -- and that number can make or break your sale or refinance. Appraisers say the following five areas are where homeowners often misjudge the worth of their abode. 1. The outside The appraiser sees: Overgrown bushes and chipped paint. What he does: Slices as much as 3% off the value of an average-size home. Why: Curb appeal is primo. And an unkempt yard is a sign that there may be other issues. "A…
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If you want to get a home sold quickly and inexpensively, you should review these sales and design tips suggested by Barbara Ballinger and as published in the Realtor Magazine.  

Even with rising values and reduced inventory in certain markets, selling a home remains challenging. Buyers expect not just a shiny new stainless sink but pruned hedges, freshly painted walls, glistening hardwood floors, and more. Making everything look great can cost a pretty penny, and many sellers won’t be able to afford all the suggestions you might make.

You can help them prioritize based on the condition of what’s needed most, what buyers in the area typically request, what competing houses offer, and — of course — cost. Here’s a list of 25

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