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So you've settled in to your home and realizing some privacy would be terrific or maybe you just want to add some flair to your windows that provide you that beautiful view to the outside. It sounds as if blinds or window treatments may be in order.  This can be a critical moment for the future look of your home, so take your time and carefully weigh your options, since they can change the entire look of a room.  When making selections there are a number of aspects you will want to factor in:

  • budget
  • style
  • color
  • material
  • trends
  • convenience
  • safety

I am by no means a specialist, but I have learned over years of working in the Real Estate industry that the window treatments you choose can add value to your home.  They are an

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Protecting Your Investment

One aspect that is initially overlooked when you start the home buying process is if you are obtaining a home loan you will be required to have in place a Homeowner's Insurance Policy, often referred to as Hazard Insurance.    Once you are in a pending transaction, you will want to reach out to an Insurance Broker and let them know you are purchasing a home and discuss with them the coverage you will need for your new home.  Prior to closing you will receive a request from your Escrow Officer asking for the contact information for your Insurance Broker so they can obtain a copy of the Insurance Binder.    

We often receive calls from our home buyers who are seeking a recommendation for a "great insurance broker" --

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Living in the rainy and very wet Northwest can have a big impact on your home if your roof and gutter system is not in good condition.  Something as simple as bent flashing can result in water intrusion, so performing a regular check-up on your roof and gutters can help save a lot of heartache later, not to mention save you money. 

I could spend days talking about roofs and the various products available on the market today, but I am no expert -- so I will just cut to what I know and what I've learned from years as a real estate professional who has attended hundreds and hundreds of home inspections. 

Roof Replacements:  Most composite roofing material that is on homes today outside of a newer roof that has been put on in the past 5-10 years,

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Most homes here in the Northwest have garages, although the size will vary dramatically.  Often times in homes built before 1965 you will find just one garage bay that is usually very narrow and that simply comes down to the fact that back then most homeowners owned just one car.  But in today's newer homes you will typically find at least 2-car garages and in larger more estate style properties it is not uncommon to see garages large enough to accommodate 4 to 5 vehicles.  Regardless of the size of your garage, the garage door and the openers you may have do require maintenance to ensure they stay fully operational.

Common repairs to garages will include tightening the tension in the coils or springs of your opener, replacing interior bulbs (an

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As a home buyer/seller, you have a right to know exactly what a typical real estate home inspection is. The following information should give you a better understanding of exactly what your inspector should (and should not) do for you during the course of a home inspection.        

First and Foremost Visual


First and foremost, an inspection is a visual survey of those easily accessible areas that an inspector can clearly see. No destructive testing or dismantling is done during the course of an inspection, hence an inspector can only tell a client exactly what was clearly in evidence at the time and date of the inspection. The inspectors eyes are not any better than the buyers, except that the

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Dochnahl Construction
Barry Langlois | Cell: 206-730-5073
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