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I live in Snohomish (near Mill Creek) and I have for almost 20 years, so hearing stories of friends and neighbors spotting wildlife never surprises me....let's face it they were here long before the big developments in which we reside were built.   These sightings always seems to occur more often both in the last fall as it gets colder and food is harder to find for these critters BIG and small, but also at this time of year in the spring, in particular when the bears (yes, bears) are coming out of hibernation and looking for some snacks. 

Over the last 2 weeks and in particular the last 2 days, I've read several posts on social media of sightings that were way to close to home for me of a big black bear who took down a neighbor's fence just a block

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Fires Related to Aluminum Wiring

Due to implications in numerous house fires, the once common practice of using aluminum wiring during the 1970's is no longer permitted in new installations in most jurisdictions. If your house has aluminum wiring you do not necessarily need to panic. Aluminum wiring can be just as safe as copper wire as long as it has been installed correctly. The concern with aluminum wiring is that it is very unforgiving if it has been installed incorrectly.


How Aluminum Wiring Reacts

Aluminum wiring expands when it warms up, and contracts then it cools down. Aluminum reacts differently than copper wire after several warm/cooling cycles. After each cycle aluminum tends to lose more of its tightness. This process is often…
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Fire and The Home

A person's home is a very private piece of his or her existence. People have been known to struggle for their entire lives just to accumulate sufficient material riches and built comfortable shelters for themselves. We can experience a tremendous sense of loss if our homes have been razed to the ground by a fire. Fires know no bounds. We hear so much of this happening in the news. Small children and aged persons getting trapped inside while. Fire is a boon to mankind. But it needs to be controlled well in order to use it. People who makes use of fire, (that includes all of us), must know the nature of a fire, and how a fire can start. It is a fundamental rule to understand what we are dealing with. In order for us to use fire properly,…
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rom fire to earthquakes, the likelihood of having an emergency requiring you to evacuate your home is small — but the benefits of having an emergency plan in place are enormous. No matter what kind of home you live in or how large or small your family is, outlining basic rules you'll follow and steps you'll take in the event of an emergency can help you stay calm and get to safety quickly.
The Basics
Smoke detectors should be placed on every floor of your home. The basement and top floor should also have carbon monoxide detectors. emergency_exit You can purchase units that combine both functions for ease of upkeep. In addition, each bedroom should have a smoke detector.
Bedrooms on upper floors should have fire ladders for a quick exit. You should also have at least…
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